Find Airbnbs With Fast WiFi; Work From Anywhere

See data from Google internet speed tests while you browse.

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Save Time Messaging Hosts

Roamer helps you narrow down your search to only the areas with strong internet connectivity.

No New Tabs Required

As an extension for Google Chrome, Roamer fits into your existing Airbnb browsing routine.

Easy to Understand

Don't get lost in tech specs. Roamer provides a simple rating scale you can use to compare across listings worldwide.

Loved By Employees At

The essential app for the post-covid / wfh world. Roamer helps me verify where there is great internet and is very accurate—unlike the airbnb hosts who always respond with "we have great wifi" when asked about their internet.
Ty Crisafulli - Learning Designer at Google
Works like a charm! I can't do my job without fast internet and Roamer helped me avoid bad experiences with some slow-internet Airbnbs!
Pranav Gokhale - Founder at
Essential extension for Chrome. I spend more than 50% of my time on video calls for work, and Roamer has helped me find destinations with wifi that supports my needs. Rating system is intuitive and easy to understand. Extremely helpful!
Vivian Martinez - Associate at PwC

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Roamer?

Roamer is an extension for Google Chrome (similar to Wikibuy, Grammarly, or Clockwise).

How does Roamer work?

When you are viewing an Airbnb listing, Roamer will appear on your screen and display information about the internet connection in that area.

What websites does Roamer work with?

Currently, Roamer is only compatible with Airbnb. Support for Vrbo and other sites is coming soon.

Where does Roamer have coverage?

Roamer has worldwide coverage, with speed tests from over 50 million homes in the past year.


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