Know Before You Go

Work from any vacation rental without risking a bad internet connection.

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Avoid the Hassle

Save time and avoid having to ask every host for their internet speed. With Roamer you can easily see which listings have great internet.

Book with Confidence

Roamer uses a combination of publicly available data and private speed tests to show you the expected internet speed at a location.

There When You Need It

As an extension for Google Chrome, Roamer appears whenever you are browsing vacation rental listings on Airbnb.

Loved By Employees At

My employer has high expectations for my availability. I couldn't justify booking expensive trips to remote locations without the peace of mind that comes from using Roamer.
Ty Cristafulli - Learning Designer at Google
Remote work can be a blessing or a nightmare depending on your internet connection. Until I found Roamer I spent hours messaging hosts in order to determine which homes had the best internet connection. Now I can confidently work where I want when I want!
Kyle Turcotte - Product Marketing Manager at Iterable

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Roamer?

Roamer is an extension for Google Chrome (similar to Wikibuy, Grammarly, or Clockwise).

How does Roamer work?

When you are viewing a vacation rental listing, Roamer will appear in the top right of your screen and display information about the internet connection at the given location.

What websites does Roamer work with?

Currently, Roamer is only compatible with Airbnb. Support for Vrbo and other sites is coming soon.

Where does Roamer have coverage?

Current coverage includes the United States, with coverage for other areas in development.


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